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"I found Katie's services to be very professional, efficient & accurate.  I was completely satisfied & impressed with how she handled my case. I would highly recommend her cost saving services to anyone who needs legal services in the areas that she specializes." 
Robert S., July 6, 2019

"I was recommended to Katie by a co-worker. I was told that she was very professional, informative and explained step-by-step how the process works. When I met her at her office, I was not disappointed. She explained everything in detail, answered all my questions and throughout the whole process if I had any concerns, she once again reassured me. I highly recommend her for any paralegal services you may need." Karina U., June 18, 2019

"Katie prepared my documents for my divorce trial which gave me a chance to tell my side of the story. I want to thank Katie so much for her help, she is highly recommended."
Jeff G., June 17, 2019

"I needed a Last Will and Testament prepared and AZ Paralegal was at least half the cost of an attorney. When I met with Katie she was prepared and extremely efficient in her process. I was in and out and was prepared within a couple days for pick up! Thank you Katie for taking care of my needs."
Kevin Z., August 20, 2018

"Katie provided an excellent and highly competent level of legal services that allowed us to bypass using the services of a lawyer. I highly recommend her as a Paralegal and a person."
Duane J., August 19, 2018

"I would like to thank Katie DeYoung for her service. There were no issues at all - she did everything perfect! I highly recommend her services. Thank you so much, Katie!"
Hilda M., November 26, 2017

"Katie did a super job of handling my Divorce paperwork. It was an amicable Divorce but the process and paperwork can be confusing and stressful. Being able to hand it over to AZ Paralegal made it simple at a fraction of the cost of an Attorney. I would definitely use her services again."  Brian W., October 14, 2017

"I was referred by a colleague to Katie DeYoung as she was highly recommend for assisting and guiding professionals through the set up of a self-directed IRA LLC. I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with Katie's expertise and deep knowledge about this particular process! I had just retired from a corporate job and wanted to roll my 401K into a vehicle that would allow me to invest in real estate. Katie was more than helpful. She anticipated all my questions, concerns, and fears. After the initial conversation, I was completed put at ease and never worried about it again. I am happy to report that things have gone very well in my investment pursuits and I am very pleased with the assistance that I received from Katie. She is the best in the business!!" Ernest S., January 20, 2017

"Katie was referred to myself from an investment company where I opened a self employment IRA.  My desire was to establish a LLC with which to do investments from for the IRA itself.  At the time, I only had a crude understanding of what I was trying to set up.  Katie and my contact at the investment group together made my idea a reality and made it very simple also.  The funny thing is that just the other day, I was driving in my hometown and saw a shop offering the services that Katie provided for me and I thought to myself that I am still glad to have had Katie do this for me, even though we are in different states. The reason is simply that Katie, from my first contact with her, promptly replied, weekday or weekend and was genuinely happy to help answer any questions.  Long story short, my LLC was established in a couple of weeks and was made easy to do. Thank you Katie. It was a pleasure to meet you on the phone."
Joseph S., January 19, 2017

"Katie did a fantastic job with my divorce.  It was very simple and straight to the point. Only had to see her a few times in the office and pay the minimum fees for her services and for filing charges.  She was a huge help. She answered all of my questions and responded in a timely manner.  I would definitely recommend her to a friend."
Caitlyn K., January 18, 2017

"I would highly recommend Katie De Young to you. A friend referred me to her. Divorce is so stressful and if you are anything like me, anything legal is so confusing. Katie made the whole process go so smoothly. She does everything for you. You fill out a questionnaire, pay the fee and then Katie does it all. She completes the paper work. She does the filing. I had lots of questions and she answered them all. She was very helpful. Divorce is hard but Katie made it as easy as possible for me and I am greatly appreciated of that. Thank you Katie for all you did to me. Do yourself a favor and call Katie. She is wonderful!"

Heather P., December 23, 2015

" I first was introduced to AZ Paralegal Services through a Google search. I ended up using Katie and AZ Paralegal Services for my divorce. Katie is very personable, yet professional in her approach. She explained everything in detail and all of the paperwork was filed promptly and correctly the first time and at a very reasonable cost. Katie and AZ Paralegal Services also helped me create a Will, which was done quickly, easily and  was affordable. Whenever I have a legal issue Katie and AZ Paralegal Services is my first and only call."
Scott Y., December 17, 2015

"I sought help from Katie DeYoung after I saw the excellent reviews of her service, and I was not disappointed! Katie was not only helpful, but truly understanding of my wants and needs as a client. I would absolutely recommend Katie to anybody seeking paralegal services!"
Serena P., December 17, 2015

"Katie, Your services were so helpful and easy, and it made my divorce so easy. I will recommend your service to anyone that made need legal help. Once again, Thank You."
Lonnie R., December 16, 2015

"I highly recommend Katie DeYoung's professional services.  She helped me with my divorce and made it very easy for me.  She answered all my questions in a timely fashion.  She made the court hearing easy with easy to follow written instructions and welcomed my phone calls whenever I needed help."
Robert C., December 7, 2014

"My goal was to setup an LLC for my IRA funds.  Prior to engaging AZ Paralegal Services, I had been searching the internet for a company to assist me, only to find a lot of hidden costs, and other agendas from these services.  Which told me I was going to pay too much for what I was trying to do.  Katie provided exceptional service for my LLC and her fees were very reasonable.  I highly recommend her services to anyone."
Bob S., December 8, 2014

"Katie DeYoung provided quick, and professional services for me.  I waited until the last moment to decide on using a paralegal, I was fortunate to choose one that got the job done, quickly.... I strongly recommend her, to anyone!"
Jennifer T., December 3, 2014

"AZ Paralegal Services helped me navigate an International/UK divorce with ease and confidence from the US.  Katie informed me regularly on time lines and progress as well as specific documents needed in my International case."
Jacqueline B., December 3, 2014

"Katie not only produces the results you want, but she makes it easy. She is very easy to contact and very reasonable on prices. I highly recommend her and if I am ever in need of legal services again, Katie is the only person I would go to see."
Mark K., October 13, 2014

"When seeking professional services, I look for timely, professional, courteous service, at a very reasonable cost.  Katie De Young provided that well above my expectations.  She was quick to respond to any questions regarding my circumstances, had my paperwork done when she said it would be done and listened to what I needed to accomplish my goal the first time, every time.  If I ever have need for paralegal services again, I would use Arizona Paralegal Legal Services and recommend that you do too, should you have the need."
Sal P., September 30, 2014 

"The divorce process can be time consuming and cumbersome if gone alone.  Mrs. DeYoung helped navigate the legal labyrinth and made the entire experience as painless as possible.  Her services are a bargain at twice the price." 
Scott G., May 28, 2014

"As a self employed contractor in the real estate business, I learned quickly from my CPA that in order to maximize my tax deductions I needed to run my business under a PLLC. Katie DeYoung was highly recommended, and as I soon found out she quickly set up my PLLC. I have been very pleased with her fees and effective services."
Ed H., February 15, 2014

"Katie DeYoung has recently helped me with my divorce and the paperwork.  She makes the process simple, professional, while still being a friend who listens to exactly what you want.  If I ever have any needs in the future, Katie will be the first person I call.  If you want the job done right and more affordable than others, this is the place to do it.  Thank you Katie." 
Mark K., February 11, 2014

"Arizona Paralegal Services was so helpful in my divorce process. Katie DeYoung was  especially patient, kind and understanding. She had answered all of my questions fully." 
Candida J., February 10, 2014
"Katie was referred to my by a friend prior to my divorce.  My initial contact with Katie was comfortable and informative.  She walked me through her services and helped me understand the process and the timing for my consent decree.  Katie followed up with me during each step in the process, insuring that I had a clear understanding of the steps.  During my last visit with her, she took me through the final steps, thanked me and wished me great happiness in the future.  This process was simple, clear and concise and  extremely affordable.  I have already told several people about the services that Katie provides.  I highly recommend her."  
Gary H., February 7, 2014

"My new wife and I wish to say thanks for the good and timely services that Katie has provided. She has a pleasant attitude and dedication to her work. The Will that she constructed for me gives me great peace of mind at a time when we are restarting our lives together in marriage. We both appreciated the prompt response to the questions that naturally arise during the preparation of documents that have critical importance in one's life planning. Please know that we will always be happy to recommend Katie's services to others. We take pleasure in saying this because we are very careful to choose whom we do recommend.
Jack & Vickie R., February 7, 2014

"I was very pleased with the professionalism and timeliness of the preparation of my IRA LLC paperwork through Az. Paralegal Services. Katie was very patient as I had experienced numerous delays and changes with my IRA company- She was the most stable and consistent force in the entire process of forming my IRA LLC! I would highly recommend her, and look forward to using her services again in the future."
Julie P., November 9, 2013

"Katie and the services provided by her company was outstanding. She listened to my needs, and responded with the documents that fit. It was easy, quick, and thorough. I recommended her services."
Stefanie H., October 26, 2013

"Please allow me to share some feedback and comments regarding the legal services I recently received at AZ Paralegal Services. I needed to set up a new Will due to my recent first time "life event" divorce and came across the AZ Paralegal Services web site. I telephoned the company and while speaking with Katie immediately realized that she was sincere, knowledgeable and professional. During my first of two meaningful appointments she pleasantly and fully answered all my questions and was empathic regarding my need to write a new Will for the first time in 25 years. She displayed great patience and I so much appreciated her experience and valuable guidance. I would not hesitate to recommend Katie DeYoung to anyone in need of legal services, as I am thoroughly pleased with the document she prepared, and found the entire experience very positive." 
Donald C., September 14, 2013

"Katie helped me with all the paperwork for my divorce.  Aside from helping me with the paperwork and guiding me through the process, she listened when I became emotional during a step in the process, and offered me kind words of encouragement and support.  I will for sure be using Katie for any future legal needs, and will recommend her to all of my friends."
Kristine O., September 9, 2013

"AZ Paralegal Services went way above and beyond my already high expectations.  When I called Katie I was not very knowledgeable about what I needed but I knew I needed to get everything done very quickly.  Within 3 hours she had my papers out to me for signature and they were filed the very next day.  She did a fantastic job and charged less than 30% of several other services that I called.  Whenever I had a question about the best way to do things, she spent time explaining the process to me so that I could make an intelligent decision.  I would highly recommend her for any paralegal work that you need.  She was amazing!"

Mimi K., June 17, 2013

Katie did a great job for my husband and I. We had her write a will and power of attorney. She was fast and efficient and very friendly. I would highly recommend her services.”
 Shareen M., February 11, 2013

“Katie's work performance consistently exceeded expectations. She has a great work ethic and is driven to satisfy her customer's needs.”
Dean B., August 28, 2012

“Katie has worked on several projects for me and I always appreciate her efficiency and professionalism. She does great work and I highly recommend her to anyone!”
 Jacqueline B., August 23, 2012

“Katie took over the task of creating a professional LLC for me, save me tons of time and worry. Very smooth professional transaction was completed by Katie. I would recommend her services to anyone of my associates, and of course would use her services in the future as needs arise.” Richard F., June 9, 2012

"Katie helped us get our LLC set up quickly and expertly. Very smooth and timely service."
Larry M., April 29, 2012

"Katie performed a wonderful job helping me start up my LLC. Her insight and experience was very helpful. Katie stands behind you even when the job is completed, she is always just a phone call away."
Arthur P., April 24, 2012

"Katie has provided my clients the small business feel, with the professionalism of a large, corporate entity. I highly recommend her and her firm without reservation."
Ruben L., February 16, 2012

"We recently partnered with Katie to provide webinars regarding our homes sales program. The experience was absolutely outstanding and provided my company with an avenue for advertising that we had not used in the past. Katie was very prompt in responding to any questions we had about getting the webinar set up, and did an excellent job of promoting our company and its services. We hope to use Katie many times in the future, and I highly recommend her!"
Kevin H., February 2, 2012

"We have worked with Katie continuously for the past few years. Katie is a pleasure to work with, and her company provides a great product for a very reasonable price. Katie is always willing to go above and beyond to make sure that we have everything that we need."
Dustin W., February 1, 2012

"Katie and her company have provided great service for my clients. Their ability to work with IRA owners and help them create entities in any state has helped many of my clients, and they've been able to do it with great customer service. I have only heard praises from my clients, which makes my job a whole lot easier."
Brian D., January 30, 2012

"Working with Katie was an accurate and cost effective alternative to hiring a lawyer. I would use her services again."
Peter C., October 22, 2011

"Katie provided an LLC document for my self-directed Roth IRA. She did an excellent job and was very responsive when we needed to make a couple changes."
Wayne M., October 8, 2011

"I continued to be impressed by the professionalism and attention to detail that Katie DeYoung and her firm brought to the table. Every aspect of their service was done smoothly and in a timely manner with appropriate follow-up to get the job done. I would not hesitate to engage Katie in the future."
Mark M., October 7, 2011

"Katie prepared the Articles of Organization for my LLC and was very professional through the whole process. The documents were delivered in a timely manner, and were very thorough. Overall, I was very  pleased with my experience and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services."
David B., October 7, 2011

"Katie helped to restructure my self-directed IRA from two Nevada entities to one Arizona entity, saving me significant money in annual fees. She is very competent, responsive and intelligent. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs self-directed IRA work."
 Rick G., March 1, 2011

"I can personally recommend Katie DeYoung as a highly skilled and efficient document preparation professional. My LLC was processed perfectly and approved in an amazingly short span of time, and with ease. I will continue to use Katie in the future."
Sean C., January 20, 2011

"Katie helped develop and create my self-directed IRA LLC. She had all the Articles of Incorporation and Operating Agreement completed, filed, and properly registered without delay or errors. I could not ask for a better person to work with on these types of very critical and important documents."
Robert M., January 19, 2011

"I find Katie easy to work with, timely in her follow-up and follow-through, a true professional." Joe W., January 7, 2011

"Katie is very dedicated. She is a loyal employee, passionate about her work, and knowledgeable in the self-directed IRA world. She is a pleasure to work with and inspiring to know as a person. I have known her for close to five years and now see her growing as a financial service professional striking out on her own, showing her entrepreneurial side, flexibility, ambition and independence. I will continue to work with her and recommend her expertise and retirement investment services."  George P., October 12, 2010